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Our Mission

We're providing educational and career services across the globe to underserved communities. By combining technology and financial literacy standards, our members obtain a self-governance previously unknown. This is key in developing the motivation and confidence required to pass the industry standards in one's chosen field.

Hands Holding Wooden Plate

Our Team

"If I have sen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants"
- Isaac Newton

Our members, contributors, and everybody who helped get us here are responsible for the ripple effect we are now seeing across the globe. Currently spanning 15+ countries, our efforts know no boundaries!

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Jorge Aguilar

Management Analyst

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Anis Fagun

Marketing Director


Francisco Tossou

VP of Sales


Kirsha Del Pino

Career Services Advisor


Vy Nguyen

Head of Procurement


Garrett Troyer

Web Master

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