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Quick Tips to Grow Your Brand

Marketing and advertising works, even if the target client isn’t clicking and making a purchase when they see our brand posted across the internet.

You don’t get up and go make a purchase every time you see a commercial on air for a product you enjoy, right? However, when faced with the decision to make a purchase for a need of yours, you will choose the brand you know and trust best. The brand you have the most information on. The brand you are familiar with, and can spot out easily, while others may be better, they don’t stand out to you. Why is that? Certainly we don’t all pick only the best brands, we just pick the ones we are drawn to. It is because of effective branding and advertising that we choose these products.

When a brand is at the forefront of our mind when considering a product, we are more likely to purchase from that brand over others. And we develop and retain all the positive information about this brand during the course of its marketing and advertising. We see friends driving a certain car, we hear about how much our colleagues love their new cell phone, we know the general price point of certain food items in fast food restaurants from their advertisements.

These are all points of information that are important to consumers, so let’s go over how to hit close to home with consumers during the course of your marketing and advertising, so that they will recognize you as the authority in your chosen industry when it comes time to make a purchase.

1. Know your audience.

Seems simple enough. But let’s speak specifically about 512 Global’s audience. In the case of our B2B services such as websites, marketing and business development; we want to speak to business owners, directors, and high level executives. What kind of person holds these positions? This study conducted by Experian credit reporting agency shows that the average age of an american business owner is 50.3 years old, among much other very useful information.

2. Have a process.

In Global Integrity’s Business Development Courses we learn how to create an assembly line for every function in our business. Including how to record all pertinent client information in our CRM templates, how to piece together advertisements quickly with precision quality, and methods for finding, establishing, and managing relationships with potential clients. Sign up for classes today or reach out via our Contact Page to request tutelage sessions

3. Keep it consistent!

Keep your advertisements running frequently on the same platforms where your audience can be found. Keep a bank of stock screenshots from so that you always have high quality, consistently themed images related to our B2B professional services. Maintain a light and easy to focus on color palette, nothing too exciting. Our goal image is professionalism, transparency, and efficiency.

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